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Poonvanich Co., Ltd. (“IW”, “Company”, “we,” “us,” and/or “our”) recognizes the importance of protecting your personal data for you, (1) a former, existing, or prospective individual customer of our products, goods, and services, (2) provider or business partner, (3) visitor, shared holder, (4) employee, staff, officer, representative, authorized person, director where persons in (1) – (4) are collectively referred to as “you”, and those persons in (1) are referred to as “customer”.

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to our products and services distributed to customers through our service centers, websites, mobile applications, sales representatives, social networking sites, online communication channels, pick-up registration for goods and/or services and other channels where we collect your personal data. However, please read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with the terms and conditions of particular service that you use.

    1. Customer – the person who will buy or buy products and/or receive services or the person who contact for product/service inquiries, people who are aware of the product information and/or services through various media and individuals receiving public relations advertisements about products and/or the services of the company and shall include relevant ordinary persons or represent a juristic person that is a customer, such as executives, directors, employees, worker, agents, representatives or any other individual whose personal information appears in the documents involved in the transaction between the company and that juristic person, such as the coordinator, the order, the recipient of the goods, the payer of the check, etc., as well as the person that the juristic person has provided the information to the company.
    2. Partner – the person who will sell or sell the product and/or services to the company, whether registered as a partner with the company or not, such as a contract party, service provider, consultant, etc. and shall include the relevant ordinary persons or represent legal entities that are partners such as executives, employees, workers, representatives, or any other individual whose personal information appears in the documents involved in the transaction between the company and that juristic person, such as the coordinator, the sender of the goods, check payer, etc., including the person that the juristic person provided the information to the company.
    3. Visitor and Shareholder -another person who is not a customer, partner, or operator in the company that has a relationship in a manner related to the business, such as a worker in a government agency that supervises the business or supervises the practice according to law Interested parties, participating in business projects or joiner in business project, parties participating in investments or investors, agents or brokers in providing products or services to the company and to include relevant ordinary persons or represent that juristic person, such as executives, directors, employees, representatives or any other individual whose personal data appears in the documents involved in the transaction between the company and that juristic person.
    4. Directors and Employees – of the company- personnel operating in the company, including directors and executives
    Customer, partner, seller, service provider, shareholder, visitor, director, employee of the company: The company may process your personal data for the following purposes;
    • To coordinate related to the business operations of the company
    • To collect and use of your personal data such as first name-surname, position, organization, photos, video (motion image) which related to operations and activities of the company for publicity through various channels such as internal email To be used as information for registering to use electronic systems, access rights, using the internet, or others electronic operation systems
    • To carry out planning, reporting, and business forecasts, risk management and supervision, including internal audits and management within the organization including utilize the internal operation about disbursement of the accounting and finance department
    • To provide information on processing about Know Your Customer (personal verification) related to the company’s operations, including business audit or background checks for suitability or risk assessments before taking decision on business. To proof and identity verification and/or audit of power verification, delegation and authorization to sign any agreement or contract with the company
    • For the processing about transferring of rights, duties and benefits, such as mergers and acquisitions, separations or others business transfers which have been done legally
    • To be a stakeholder database of the company and/or use the information for relationship management or coordination related to the company’s operation
    • To disclose about information that necessary to comply with the assessment criteria on activities that the company participates in
    • For investigation complaints within the organization, fraud prevention, or the implementation of any other legal process. Including the investigation and management of complaints and allegations relating to the actions of the company or those involved in transparency and justice to all parties
    • To recruit or consider joining of the company’s projects or activities, such as field trips, businesses visiting, donations, seminars, training programs, or other projects which the company operates with third parties or government agencies etc. Including any actions related to participation in activities such as prizes winning from quiz, prizes delivering, managing about hygiene and safety such as health insurance etc.
    • For security within the premises of the company, including the exchange of visitor ID cards before entering to the area. Recording images of people who come to contact with the company or the company’s premises with CCTV.
    • To establish of legal claims, delegation and authorization. Compliance or use of legal claims or fight against legal claims in various litigation, including proceedings for enforcement of legal cases
    • For legal compliance or compliance with a court order, or order of an independent organization, or an official with legal duties and powers such as observing subpoena, court order, police officer, prosecutor, government agency including reporting or disclosure information to shareholders, government agencies to comply with relevant laws
    • To comply with public health laws, such as health protection from dangerous diseases or epidemics that may be transmitted or spread in the kingdom
    • For your sanitation and safety management

    Customer : The company may process your personal data for additional purposes as follows;

    • To approve for the purchase orders of products and/or service including the verification process, authority verification, delegation and authorization, consideration of the risk management and transactions, and the implementation of various internal processes, for signing contracts, contractual work, product and service delivery, including billing of delivery related documents, etc.
    • For the benefit in evaluation, improving, products and services development, and promotional programs, including to explore the satisfaction of the company’s products and services in order to suit and meet your expectation.

    To use as information and documentation for any activities with banks, financial institutions, Department of Business Development, Revenue Department, Excise Department, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Securities and Exchange Commission Office and other relevant external agencies
    Legal Basis for the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Data: 1) Contractual Basis, 2) Legitimate Interests, 3) Legal Obligation
    Impact if unable to process personal data : you may not be able to process in business transaction or cannot fulfill the contract

    Partner : The company may process your personal data for additional purposes as follows;

    • For the implementation of various processes before signing the contract, such as;
      • Partner registration
      • Consideration of partner qualifications
      • Providing information before the procurement process, such as checking and creating a middle price, specifying the name and details of the partner in the company’s internal system, etc.
      • Buying or receiving an auction, attend the presentations related to procurement (if any) or bargaining and announcement of the winners
      • Bidding invitation, checking on authorization and to submit bidder’s bid documents, and considering the qualifications of the bidder in accordance with procurement process, including where the proponents are service providers, legal advisor, account advisor, business consultant, and tax advisor, auditor, financial advisor, financial institution, and financial system development consultant
      • Processing Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • For the need for transactions between partners and companies such as;
      • Identity verification, delegation and authorization checking, including to use as evidence for relevant transactions
      • Implementation of the rules, regulations and various internal processes of the company
      • Consideration, process and signing of a trade contract
      • Compliance with the contract of employment, service agreement, other commercial agreements and related agreements or cooperation between the company and the parties, including the process of requesting and considering relevant documents that may contain personal data of the directors which are external parties or representatives from government agencies
      • Contract examination between the company and its partners, commercial product management, issuance of work completion certificates
    • For compliance with the laws relating to business transactions between partners and the company
    • Laws regarding procurement of government agencies, taxation law, laws for inspecting land ownership benefits

    Visitor and Shareholder: The company may process your personal data for additional purposes as follows;

    For business communication, such as contacting, visiting, meeting, business discussions about products or services, and company-related projects, including recording details about such communication

    To check the qualifications or assess the suitability before starting business transaction, consideration of the risk in relevant transaction, proof and identity verification, verification of authorization in signing any agreement or contract, business status checking, or other forms of background checks and the implementation of various internal processes of the company

    For consideration, process, signing of the contract or related agreements including the management of those contract or agreements

    To consider the request to participate in the company’s project or project that the company joins with third parties or government agencies and carry out various operations related to that project

    Legal Basis for the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Data: 1) Contractual Basis, 2) Legitimate Interests, 3) Legal Obligation
    Impact if unable to process personal data : you may not be able to process in business transaction

    Directors and Employees : The company may process your personal data for additional purposes as follows;

    • To verify the identity as an employee of the company
    • For coordination with associated companies, including news related to business operations or activities
    • For compliance with company’s policies and regulations
    • For coordination with external agencies regarding business operations
    • For authorization and delegation auditing, including to use as evidence for relevant transactions
    • To be used as meeting information, operations, providing information before joint procurement process in accordance with the company’s rules, regulations, and internal processes regarding procurement, documentation, meeting recording or minutes
    • To publicize about the implementation of the project, meetings between the company and other companies
    • To use as supporting information for qualification examination or suitability in accordance with the contract or agreements which associated company provides to the company
    • For work improvement

    Legal Basis for the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Data: 1) Contractual Basis, 2) Legitimate Interests, 3) Legal Obligation
    Impact if unable to process personal data : you may not be able to process in business transaction or cannot fulfill the contract

    Note : In the case that you do not provide personal data for the purposes as above, the company may not be able to perform or start the business transaction or manage the contract with you, including may not be able to comply with relevant laws.

    We may collect or obtain the following types of information which may include your Personal Data directly or indirectly from you or other sources or through our affiliates and subsidiaries. In some cases, the company may collect your personal data from other sources such as your agency, staff, secretary, or coordinator, government agencies or other public sources such as websites or information that can be searched online, etc.
    1. General Personal Data
      • Identification information (Identity Data) such as first name, last name, ID card identification number, passport number, date of birth, gender, age, nationality, signature, photo, professional license, employee code (only in the case of company employees), driving license information, company car license information, etc.
      • Contact information (Contact Data) such as address, copy of home registration, telephone number, fax number, email, location (Geolocation), emergency contact, account of social media, LINE ID, secretarial information, etc.
      • Financial data such as bank account numbers etc.
      • Educational information, work experience history, training, expertise and other works pieces etc.
      • Communication Data such as information about date, times, locations of contacting, photo or audio recording data when contacting with the company etc.
      • Information about companies such as companies name or departments, location of workplaces, jobs position, etc.
      • Information about preference, characteristics, or personal interest
      • CCTV recording
      • Meeting information between companies and companies in the group, including information on attendance, seminars, activities, or other projects organized by the company, with images, animation and/or sound recorded during the meeting or that activity
      • Other necessary information for litigation or enforcement, such as marital status, information about property or asset etc.
      • Comments, suggestions, complaints
      • History for joining company’s activities or projects
      • Health screening data according to epidemic prevention measures
    2. Sensitive Personal Data
      In general, we will not collect and use religious and blood information that appears in the copy of your identity card for any particular purpose. If you have given a copy of the identity card to us, we would ask you to conceal the information. If you do not conceal the above information, we will consider that you allow the company to conceals those data. And considered that the documents that concealed that data have complete effect and can be enforced in accordance with all laws. If we are unable to conceal the data due to certain technical limitations, we will collect and use that information as part of your identity document verification.
      In case that the company is required to collect your sensitive personal data, we will ask for your explicit consent on a case-by-case basis. In this regard, the company may have the processing of sensitive personal data as follows:
      • Health information and/or disability
      • Information of body on drug testing results

      Biological information such as fingerprints

    Subject to applicable data laws, we will retain your Personal Data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or to comply with legal, regulatory, and internal requirements. However, we may have to retain your Personal Data for a longer duration, as required by applicable laws.
    In the implementation of the objectives specified in this notification, we may disclose your information to third parties as follows;
    1. Government agencies, regulatory agencies, state enterprises, public organizations, independent organizations established by law, or other agencies required by law Including officials who use power or perform duties in accordance with the law, such as the court, police, Revenue Department, Anti-Money Laundering Office, Department of Skill Development, Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, Legal Execution Department, Office of the Attorney General etc.
    2. Agencies, organizations, or persons involved in the exercise of claims, litigation, disputes, complaints or allegations of fighting of the company, such as parties in a lawsuit, witnesses, etc.
    3. Representative, contractor/subcontractor and/or service providers such as professional consultants, transportation service providers, marketing contractor, procurement companies, accommodation and travel providers, training or seminar activities conductor, media activities contractors, public relations, insurers, auditors, legal advisors, etc.
    4. Business relationship (In case that it is necessary for contract which the project implementation together or joint business)
    5. Certifying Management System Standards Institutions, such as Certified body ISO Standard
    6. Shareholders, debenture holders and their representative
    7. The assignee of any rights, duties and benefits from the company, including those assigned by the assignee to perform the said actions, such as in the case of restructuring, mergers, separations or business transfers, etc.
    In some cases, we may need to disclose your personal data to other countries which may have different standards for personal data protection from Thailand because we may have companies in the group that are located overseas including conducting business or having various business transactions with the company overseas. Therefore, we may need to disclose your personal information to those companies, including government agencies, professional consultant and relevant persons and need access to such personal information to conduct our business operations. We may disclose information for litigation or arbitration, which may occur in the future. In addition, we may collect your personal data on the computer, server, or cloud of foreign service providers and may process data using the program or the application of the service provider abroad.
    However, in the transmission or transferring of such information in any case, we will comply with the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (2019).
    As you are the owner of personal data (Data Subject), you have the rights as specified by the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (2019). You can request to exercise your rights in accordance with the channels specified by the company or through the company’s website ( You can use the rights when the personal data protection law comes into effective as following;
    1. Right to Withdraw Consent In case that we have requested your consent, you have the right to withdraw the consent of processing Personal Data that you have given consent to us, except for the revocation of consent, which is limited by law or contract that benefits you. In this regard, the revocation of consent will not affect the processing of personal data that you have legally consented to.
    2. Right to Access You may have the right to access or obtain a copy of your Personal Data we collect, use or disclose about you. Including requesting that we disclose the acquisition of such information that you have not given consent to us.
    3. Data Portability Right You may have the right to obtain or request transferring your Personal Data that we have hold as required by laws.
    4. Right to Object You may have the right to object to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data for certain cases as required by the applicable laws.
    5. Erasure Right You may have the right to ask us to delete, destroy or anonymize your Personal Data that we collect, use, or disclose except where the retention of such Personal Data is for compliance with a legal obligation or to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims. In some case, if we cannot erase your data which have been kept by an electronic application, we will make those data to be unidentified.
    6. Right to Restrict Processing You may have the right to suspend the use of your Personal Data in certain cases as required by the applicable laws.
    7. Rectification Right In case that you found your Personal Data that we have hold is incorrect or you have changed details on your Personal Data, you have the right to ask us for update the data to be correct, complete, and not misleading.
    8. Right to Lodge a Complaint You have the right to lodge a complaint to competent authority if we breach or do not comply with the provisions under the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (2019)
    We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please review it periodically. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will immediately become effective when we post the revised Privacy Policy on our website and/or via email. However, if need, we may also proceed for your consent for some cases.
    If you have concerns or questions regarding this policy or if you would like to exercise your rights in relation to your Personal Data, please contact;DATA PROTECTION OFFICER (DPO)
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