Exploring Short-Term and Long-Term Office Rentals in Bangkok

Importance of Choosing the Right Rental Term for Businesses

Whether you need a small office for rent in Bangkok for a few weeks or a long-term lease on a rolling basis, it is crucial to determine your needs and accommodate any potential growth upfront. If your office space in Bangkok is short-term leased from IW Serviced Office, or you prefer to utilise one of our incredible co-working spaces, this need for accurate forward-thinking is negated.

Short-Term Office Rental in Bangkok

IW Services Office has three convenient, easily-accessible locations for short-term office space in the following areas:

  • Sukhumvit – Phrom Phong
  • Sukhumvit – Nana
  • Sathorn

Advantages of Long-Term Commitments

Established businesses that understand their exact requirements and fiscal projections often prefer to sign longer-term leases. This removes the issue for the foreseeable future, offers stability, and can save costs versus repeated short-term contracts. 

Benefits of Short-Term Office Space Rentals for Businesses

With no long-term contracts or high outlays of cash, short-term office space rentals can be a significant help in the early stages of any business when plans are fluid, and cash flow still needs to stabilise. Operations can be scaled and adapted as changes and, hopefully, growth occur. 

Popular Areas for Office Rentals in Bangkok

Some popular areas for office space in Bangkok include:

Bangkok Central Business District 

  • Sukhumvit 
  • Silom
  • Wireless Road

Core Central Business District 

  • Rama IV 
  • Ploenchit Road

Outer CBD

  • Sky Train route

Non-Central Business District

  • Midtown and other suburban areas

If you have questions or comments about a small office for rent in Bangkok or our other services, please contact the team today. We will gladly give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and choose the perfect office for rent in Bangkok.


Most shared short-term office rental options in Bangkok fall between 8,000 and 15,000THB per month.

Many companies can make use of temporary or short-term office space, including:

  • Startups
  • Small businesses
  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs 
  • Companies transitioning to a new location
  • Touring companies that require a base for a short period

Some factors to enquire about and understand include:

  • Rental amount — It is imperative to be aware of any clauses affecting the price, including rent reviews.   
  • Duration of lease — Shorter leases can provide flexibility and reduce financial commitment/risk, often making them suitable for newer businesses. Long-term leases offer increased stability for established companies.
  • Renewal option — Without this, the landlord is not obligated to renew the lease.   
  • Permitted usage — If your business requires a license to operate from the premises, acquire one before signing.

As in many other industries, the global pandemic caused chaos in the Bangkok office rental market. Once the initial panicked fluctuations settled, a trend towards favouring short-term office space in Bangkok began to emerge, and IW Serviced Office is here to service that need.